Marc Mauillon


馬克.摹雍 - 男中音


2004年畢業於巴黎音樂學院,師事佩姬布佛瑞,2002就入選古樂大師克里斯蒂的繁盛藝術古樂團 Les Arts Florissants,2010年又榮獲法國傑出新人獎,之後漸漸專注於演唱巴洛克歌劇,包括英國普賽爾,以及布洛,法國的盧利以及拉摩,義大利的卡瓦利的男主角《艾吉斯多》等。2012年他更以拉摩歌劇《伊波里與雅麗希》首度榮登法國歌劇最高殿堂巴黎加尼爾歌劇院。  摹雍還特別鑽研文藝復興大師馬修的音樂,成果展現在三張錄音,均為樂評所高度讚揚。

此外他持續探討與古樂,長期與古樂大師薩瓦 Jordi Savall 及古樂團 《法蘭西風》,《恬憶》合作。 他才華洋溢,橫跨古代與現代音樂,游刃有餘:一方面演出莫札特兩個著名的男中音腳色,《魔笛》帕帕基諾,與《女人皆如此》谷耶摩,展現喜劇與戲劇的雙重表演才能;另方面又在當代音樂著墨甚深,史特斯拉諾最近的新歌劇《沙查法茲》中的角色饒利多就是由他創造。


Marc Mauillon - Baritone

The exploration of the relationship between words and music is at the heart of Marc Mauillon’s artistic approach. Exceptional vocal means have given him the possibility of taking on both baritone and tenor repertories, an immediately recognisable timbre, he puts his sense of colour and of diction at the service of his insatiable curiosity.


From Guillaume de Machaut to contemporary repertoire, from opera to recital, his career history is a reflection of an out of the ordinary eclecticism. His encounter with William Christie as part of the Jardin des Voix (2002), then with Jordi Savall, at first opened up for him a magnificent field of exploration of early music, which he later expanded.


Passionate about chamber music, he performs in particular with Pierre Hamon, Angélique Mauillon, Guillaume Coppola, Anne Le Bozec, Vivabiancaluna Biffi, Myriam Rignol, Marouan Mankar and Thibaut Roussel, adapting the art of singing to suit the music, the repertoires and the characters that his voice portrays.

In addition to numerous opera broadcasts, Marc Mauillon has made three recordings of secular music by Machaut, to which must be added a collection of melodies by Francis Poulenc on poems by Paul Éluard, two recordings on First World War musicians, a recording of Florentine monodies by Jacopo Peri and Giulio Caccini and a solo a cappella recital. Regularly praised by the critics, this discography is an assertion of his choices.